At TransConnect we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We believe in supporting causes that make are world a better place. We have causes that our near and dear to our hearts like the Susan G. Komen Foundation that works to find a cure for breast cancer or The Open Shelter which provides help to the homeless and marginally housed people in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. These are just a couple of organizations that we support. We also know that you have organizations that you support.

This is our commitment to giving back to our community and for our clients:
For new clients, TransConnect will donate a portion of the first 60-days of profit to the non-profit organization of your choice, in your name.

For every referral that you provide to TransConnect that becomes a new client, we will donate a portion of profit generated from the sales to the organization of your choice, given in your name or your business’s name.

If you do not have a particular organization that you support, we will donate that same portion of profit to one of our local organizations that we support on your behalf.

We know that every dollar counts for non-profit organizations. We also know that volunteering and donating time is important too. We believe in committing time and effort in helping make our world a better place. We hope you join us.